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Be creative. [Aug. 13th, 2006|06:55 pm]


I've been having some weird thoughts lately. We were talking about this high up guy at work the other day and the stick up his ass. I ended up saying "That's because he likes to think about how powerful he is while he's touching himself."

What thoughts have you had about someone that you would never say to their face?

From: arcticpaw
2006-08-18 06:01 pm (UTC)
Brenda: Hi. I've worked this job longer then you have. I know how to do it. Also, I know you called me fat behind my back. I'm not mad, I am fat. But seriously? You're almost as big as I am, and you're like 50 dressing like a 16 year old. Your co-workers hate you. The customers hate you. Stop being a bitch :D

Beth: Considering I'm you're "best friend" You sure do same some interesting things about me. (Ie: I hope something bad happens to her, she has it coming) Because I met someone who was a friend of a friend for the first time? Stop being a jealous drama queen. Stop lying. Stop stealing. Stop this holier-then-thou attitude and this pity fest. You've driven away all your friends, I can't help it if people still like me and I can't focus all my attention on you. Maybe if you weren't a bitch who used everyone, you'd had more people who actually like having you around, and won't mind you coming by their place to crash at night.

Frank: I love you. Ye Gods how I love you. But you need to get your shit together and commit to me. Also, you sometimes inadvertently hurt my feelings.
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